J-List is a provocative, all-encompassing singer-rapper-songwriter-producer-engineer who has begun to make a name for himself in the greater Athens space. His unique approach to music pulls from ATL trap, EDM synth design, and introspective lyric works of Damon Albarn, Drake, and Travis Scott. This atmospheric, ear-worm style of music has attracted the interest of Pharrell-signed artists Watch The Duck as well as Atlanta trap kingpin Skooly.

J-List is only getting started, and you are in just in time for the ride.


Jackson List began his run like many solo acts; with a makeshift basement studio blanketed in dust and sweat. He had learned to play the piano, guitar, and drums throughout his childhood, but around age 14 decided to make his studio and get serious about his passion. He couldn’t go it alone and was lucky enough to have parents with storied pasts in the industry to provide guidance. Karyn List and Thomas List were successful career musicians who worked alongside Grammy-nominated engineer Trammell Starks and bumped shoulders with the likes of Glen Campbell, Keith Richards, and even Michael Jackson. His parents helped guide him through the complexities of recording, software, and technical jargon that deters many from their musical goals. Unfortunately, they had lost touch with many industry connections while raising children. Jackson knew if he wanted to make it any further, he had to not only take the metaphorical family baton, but run with it.

After years of careful practice, remixes and singles, J-List had garnered a small, loyal following of 300 on the struggling platform of SoundCloud. Knowing his first big project needed to be accessible to larger audiences, In July of 2017 he released a 7 song EP “If I Don’t Make It…” on all streaming platforms. This project relied almost entirely upon word of mouth and garnered a humble but respectable 15,000 plays across its first year. In April of 2018, he dropped an 8 song EP “J-List Season 1” which began his real growth. A month after its release, he had around 1,000 unique monthly listeners across platforms combined with positive feedback and streaming numbers more than doubling his previous release. By November of 2018 the project had received 30,000 plays and attracted the attention of Pharrell-signed artists Watch The Duck. They added J-List as an official feature along their 2018 fall tour stop in Athens and have served as invaluable mentors for his upcoming project “J-List Season 2”. This project is set for release January 15th of 2019.










J-List’s run has continued to pick up pace and has developed into a full-on sprint. It is up to this burgeoning artist to break the shackles of local notoriety and expand across the southeast. Feature offers lie on the table from Yung Marley and Skooly, only helping to legitimize his progress in the race he has begun. Will he succeed to continue growing his popularity, or will he run out of breath and be surpassed by the thousands of artists who gain behind him? Tune in and check the progress this January.

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